Self-care Skills Training

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Self-care training is essential for individuals who have lost the ability to perform daily functions that affect independence, whether through stroke, spinal chord injury, aging disabilities such as arthritis, Parkinson’s, dementia etc. It is the single-most important therapy to improve one’s sense of self-sufficiency. In addition to performing technical and compensatory strategies, Active In-Home Therapists understand each individual’s situation; working to motivate, assist to set goals, and adjust training to support clients in taking control of their lives to their fullest ability. During the assessment process, our therapists will evaluate the clients’ physical, cognitive, and functional status to carry out activities including but not limited to: dressing, bathing, eating, functional mobility, meal preparation, home management, community and work participation. We also do a complete fall prevention screening. The occupational therapist will set client directed goals and create a plan of care in conjunction with the family/ Caregiver to address areas/goals important to the client.

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