Energy Conservation Training

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The focus of energy conservation training is to help you perform necessary daily functional tasks such as dressing, and bathing and feeding efficiently with the least amount of energy expenditure so you will have more energy for work, play, and leisure. Our Occupational therapists will create a plan for exercises to boost performance and suggest home modifications to streamline energy output. Relaxation and stress reduction training are also integrated to improve the quality of rest. Even small improvements in performance of daily tasks can reap huge rewards in the quality of life for someone with stamina impairments.

Sleep is critical to facilitate your ability to carry out daily activities and to maintain equilibrium. Occupational therapists have knowledge on sleep physiology, sleep disorders, and evidence-based sleep promotion to evaluate and treat sleep problems affecting function. Our occupational therapists will work with the client, family, and caregivers to address sleep deprivation and implement strategies for bedtime routines, improved sleep habits and patterns. Interventions include but not limited to cognitive or behavioral therapy and sensory integration.

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