In support of private-pay in-home therapy

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When considering in-home physical therapy, an excellent option is a private pay therapist. Such a therapist is able to offer a client/patient more time, energy and individualized care because he or she is not expected to have a quota of daily visits. Many patients are seeking private clinicians to come visit them at home or in a private setting and are willing to pay for the security and privacy that comes along with it.

Private therapy means that your therapist designs a program specifically for you. The opportunities for regression are reduced because care is ongoing; there is no entity (such as Medicare) limiting the number of visits you can have.

When you pay for private therapy you are ensuring a compassionate, timely progressive home exercise program that matches your needs, hands on treatment, exceptional quality and skill, and time.

Finding a private in-home physical therapist can put to rest many anxieties. From progressive home programs that are customized to your progress to the kindness and compassion of therapists with a vested interest in YOU, private pay therapy gives peace of mind.

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