Physical Therapy Home Care Services

Recover from surgery, accident, or illness in the comfort and privacy of your own home with our physical therapy home care services. Forget the stress of traveling to appointments – our experienced therapists come to you! We’ll create a personalized treatment plan designed to rebuild your strength, mobility, and independence, so you can get back to doing the things you love. Active home care physical therapy one-on-one approach actively involves you in your recovery journey. We’ll listen to your goals and concerns, and suggest exercises and techniques specifically for you. Plus, we can coordinate seamlessly with other therapies you may be receiving, creating a smooth and successful return to your daily routine. Search for physical therapy home care near me and experience the difference of in-home physical therapy – heal on your terms, surrounded by the familiar comfort of your home, and get back to enjoying the activities that matter most to you. 

Physical Therapy Home Care Services includes:

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Frequently Asked Questions
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The goal of physical therapy is to help individuals regain the physical mobility, strength, and endurance needed to live as independently as possible.
  • If you have fallen or are afraid of falling.
  • You feel unsteady whilst walking.
  • You feel weak or tired because of a recent or chronic illness.
  • You have joint or muscle pain.
  • You would like to improve strength or prevent future decline.
  • You are post-stroke and working to regain function.
  • You are post-surgery and ready to restore strength and functioning.
  • It’s easier to train caregivers & family members in your own environment.
  • Immediate problem solving for in-home situations.
  • No need to arrange for transportation.
    Less fatiguing for the patient.
  • Fall prevention screening is specific to the home.
  • Home safety assessment.
  • Fall prevention training.
  • An individualized home exercise program.
  • General conditioning.

We provide services on a private pay basis; however, our services may be covered under Medicare benefits.

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