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Active In-Home Therapy is the premier provider of in-home therapy for the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer comprehensive in-home physical, occupational, and speech therapy to individuals and families. We strive to create the foundation for an active and healthy life regardless of age or health conditions. We are committed to providing quality and compassionate professional therapeutic care at affordable and customized rates so that you can enjoy wellness at home!

We also accept Medicare and select other insurances.

The Leadership Team

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Saili Gosula is the owner of Active In-Home Therapy, which provides quality, in-home physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to families in the San Francisco Bay Area. She had a successful career in IT until 2009. Always an avid volunteer in the schools and local non-profits, focusing on people and the community eventually became more important to her. She made a career switch to the home care business and owns Synergy HomeCare of San Mateo. She is passionate about her career in home care, where she gets to help people, come up with creative solutions to help the families, create jobs, build a company with great culture, and become a very involved member of her community. She differentiates herself by her tirelessly giving and positive approach. This has quickly helped her to grow her business and provided her with many loyal fans and followers, across clients, associates, and employees. Synergy HomeCare and Saili have a solid reputation in the Senior industry and the small business community on the Peninsula.

Gabe Gosula Cortwright is Saili’s son and the Operations Manager for Active In-Home Therapy. He handles most of the day-to-day operations. Gabe started his career as the first member of Synergy HomeCare’s office team, during the first 6 months of the company. He worked with the company most days after school until he went away to college. He continued working in the office during school breaks while he completed his degree in Business Administration/Marketing at CSU Chico, while Synergy grew. Gabe performed most support tasks for Synergy HomeCare that directly translate to the work he is doing now for Active In-Home Therapy. He has already automated many of the tasks due to his knowledge of Customer Relationship Management and scheduling systems and the day to day operations of a small business.

Saili and Gabe share a passion for staying healthy and fit, and they know that this translates to a happier life. When you meet them, you will see this shines through. As a family, this has always been part of their lives. Below is a picture of a small impromptu soccer game with the Gosula family in Brazil in December 2015. The youngest player is 7 years old. The oldest one is 79. This picture is worth a thousand words. Both Saili and Gabe are on the field.

Saili and Gabe have been recipients of the benefits of Physical Therapy over the last few years. For Gabe, after a broken clavicle, the rate of recovery was exponential from the time he started Physical Therapy.

Saili’s parents have benefitted from being physically active and from Physical Therapy. Her parents have done it all after the age of 70: Yoga, Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, stretching, Physical Therapy, weightlifting, and lots of gardening. Dad hiked and jogged on his 80th birthday (with Saili), and bought himself a bike he actually uses after his 80th birthday. Mom says if she doesn’t do her exercises in the morning before she gets out of bed, she’s not comfortable during the day. She’s planning on starting light weightlifting again.

Early on, when Saili would meet the families for her home care assessments, she would ask them if they were going for walks, doing exercises. Many were not. When she offered that her caregiver could help with these things, the families were thrilled. They also found out that the client was much more willing to do this with a caregiver, and not with their own family! Saili often suggested to the families to get their doctor to prescribe some Physical Therapy sessions because she knew this would be beneficial, and then the caregiver could help with the day-to-day (and can even be trained by the Physical Therapist). The inquiry into a client’s activity level and the encouragement to try to get stronger and stay limber became part of every assessment.

The opportunity to acquire Active In-Home Therapy came at a time when Synergy HomeCare was well established and Saili was sure that Physical Therapy is a valuable part of a healthy older person’s life. Even if the doctor does not prescribe it, it is beneficial, and private Physical Therapy is available through Active In-Home Therapy. It was a perfect fit, and it allowed a more holistic solution to an elderly person’s needs. Gabe had just returned from another job a few months before to assist in Synergy HomeCare’s licensing process, and when presented with the opportunity to make a difference in the health and fitness of older adults while taking advantage of everything he had learned over the years, he too thought it was a perfect fit.

Saili and Gabe were trained on the day-to-day operations by the previous owner, Karl Power. Karl was very generous with his time and insight, and remains a friend of Active In-Home Therapy and supports its growth and success.

Saili and Gabe are looking forward to continued service to the families, and welcome you to give them a call to find out how they can make a difference in yours.

Our Staff

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We are committed to providing unparalleled physical, occupational and speech therapy services to our clients. We recruit professionals with established reputations for outstanding patient care and who demonstrate passion and commitment to their work.
Our staff is comprised of the following:
Physical Therapists
Physical Therapist Assistants
Occupational Therapists
Certified Occupational Therapist Assistants
Speech and Language Therapists
Registered Nurses
Social Workers (LCSW)

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