Our Motivation – Our Dedication

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Our motivation to start Active In-Home Therapy was driven by a desire to see people lead a healthier life through better choices; more activity, better nutrition, and home based-services to help people improve their long-term functional levels. We believe that acute hospital and in-patient services, together with long-term institutional care only addresses part of people’s needs as they age. Our research brings to light a great need for better health education, plus a desire to retain and improve upon quality of life amongst seniors.

Short-term Medicare based services provide an important resource for people who have developed an acute injury or condition. However, many people want a longer-term solution to injury and aging related problems ranging from Parkinson’s disease, to mobility and dietary issues, and, they are willing to pay privately for such a service in their homes. That is where we come in.

In our search for professional contractors to work with our Company we looked for a group of talented people with complementary skills; people with the ability to recognize where they can help, and where other resources are needed. We contract with people who believe in their own continuing education and who offer new solutions to old problems.

Our company goal is to work and help seniors in San Francisco,  San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. We will work with clients and their families in our specific areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and nutrition. We also direct people to broader resource offerings in our geographic territory.

Our web-site is dedicated to keeping clients up to date with services available in the area through our Resources page and current medical articles through our Blog. It is our intention to build our site  resources over the coming months, and to continually add information to our readers.
Please come back to check on our progress…

~ Karl Power
Managing Director

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